Call to Action: Blind Push Back

The Blind Push Back in Oklahoma!

We need you, Wednesday, March 1st!

If you are Blind, know or love someone who is blind, you need to be at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, to let our legislators know that we, the blind of Oklahoma, are not OK with legislation being written about us without our input, expertise and experience of living as blind people. Further, that we do not want or need either of the bills currently in question.
We need everyone to show up in opposition to HB 1861 and HB 2230. Make the day about showing Oklahoma that the Blind community is alive and well in Oklahoma. How can you help? See how below:

Come to the Oklahoma State Capitol and stay all day!
1. The House Municipal & County Committee will vote on HB 2230 at 9:00 a.m. in Room 412 C.
2. We, the blind, and our friends and family members will rally at 1:00 on the South Plaza to oppose the legislation and demonstrate our capacity through collective action.
3. The House Appropriations Committee will meet at 3:30 in Room 206.
4. Share and Like our Facebook and Twitter posts.

If you are able to stay for the entire day, please plan to do so. If you are able to attend part of the day please come to the Blind Push Back Rally and the House Municipal & County Committee meeting in the morning or the House Appropriations Committee meeting in the afternoon.

Tired of being pushed around? We can and must do something about it!

HB1861 Regarding the Older Blind program
This bill will effectively remove the management and services to the older blind from the Department of Rehabilitation and its employees to other possible organizations or private agencies. This legislation will take dollars away from Visual Services and afford it to outside interests. This bill seeks to provide a solution to a problem that does not exist. The Older Blind program needs to stay where it is!

HB2230 Regarding the exemption of county jail commissaries from priority to licensed blind managers
This bill will effectively remove a blind manager from the job that he does well and will set precedent for other locations to be removed for exemption in the future. The bill, in its current form, will remove all county jails from prioritization. Further, in the future other facilities are quite likely to be targeted as well. Last year, the legislature exempted the Capitol from priority and claimed that they would not pursue further locations in the future.

It’s time to tell the Oklahoma Legislature they can’t make policy about us, without us. Please join us Wednesday to be a part of the blind push back.