Penny the PACRat shown at banquet just after being awarded to NFB Oklahoma at national convention. She is resting in front of NFBOK President Jeannie Massay's name card at the head table with many banquet tables visible in the background.

Adventures of a PAC Rat #1

Howdy, Y’all!!! I’m new to speaking Okie, but apparently that’s how they say “Hello” around here. So, Howdy! My Name is Penny and I am the NFB PAC Rat. What’s a PAC Rat you ask? Well, first of all, I’m adorable. I’m not one of those big, icky rats that forage through garbage and spread disease. I am a very special little rat and I love people who are on the NFB PAC Plan. I get to hang out in the home state of the National Federation of the Blind affiliate that has the most people who either start a … Continue reading Adventures of a PAC Rat #1