Hotel Description

Hotel Description for 2017 State Convention

The National Federation of the Blind of Oklahoma 2017 state convention will be held in two hotels. The Holiday Inn will be the main hotel, and the Staybridge Inn and Suites which is right next door will be the overflow hotel and will also be the location for some of our meetings. Here is a brief description of the main hotel along with information on navigating to the second hotel and finally a description of the Staybridge Inn and Suites.

Holiday Inn

The main entrance to the Holiday Inn is located on the south side of the lobby, so as you enter the hotel, you are facing north. Immediately to your left or west as you enter the front door is a hallway that runs west and contains the meeting rooms. If you keep walking north after entering the front door, you will find the front desk on your left hand side just past where you would have turned to go to the meeting rooms. Continuing north past the front desk, you can turn left or west and enter the restaurant area of the hotel. On your right past the front desk on the east wall of the lobby is a glass door that serves as the entrance to the pool and hot tub. North of the entrance to the pool, still on the east wall are the two elevators. North of the elevators, in the Northeast corner of the lobby, is an ATM. Just to the left of that ATM on the north wall of the lobby is a back door that leads out to a patio area. This patio door is facing the front entrance to the hotel. Once you exit the patio door, there is a relief area for dogs to the right or east of you.

Meeting rooms hallway

Turning west (left) as soon as you enter the front door of the lobby, or turning right before you were to exit the front door of the hotel takes you to the hallway where the meeting rooms are located. As you enter this hallway, you are walking west. On your left hand side or south side of the hallway are windows and our registration area. All of the rooms of interest are on your right hand side or north side of the hallway. The very first door on the right is a storage room, followed by a small tile hallway connecting the meeting rooms hallway with the restaurant. Continuing west past the small hallway is the business center. Past the business center still on the right hand side of the hallway is the Oklahoma River meeting room. After the Oklahoma meeting room is the Canadian River meeting room, and the final meeting room down the meeting rooms hallway is the Washita River meeting room. All three of these meeting rooms will be combined in to one big ballroom for general sessions and the banquet. These 3 rooms are collectively referred to as the ballroom in the agenda; just know that all three the river rooms are all collectively part of the ballroom. Go back to the short tile hallway to your right before you get to the business center, if you turn right or north in to the small tile hallway, you will first come to a women’s restroom on your right hand side, and that is followed by a men’s room. So, the men’s room is closest to the restaurant while the women’s room is closest to the meeting room hallway.

Restaurant and Bar

The Restaurant of the hotel can be access from the lobby area just north of the front desk by turning west. It can also be access via the short tile hallway which connects the Meeting rooms hallway to the restaurant. The bar is on the far north side of the restaurant.

Sleeping Floors

As you exit the elevators on the sleeping floors, you are facing west. “Turning left/South will take you to the hallway containing the sleeping rooms. The hallway containing the sleeping rooms runs east/west, so one must turn down this hall to locate their room. There are ice and vending machines located to the right or north of the elevators on even floors only. There will be a door to your right which will lead you in to a room with these machines. On odd floors, these rooms are used for office spaces, so ice and vending machines can only be accessed from even floors.

Staybridge Inn and Suites

The Staybridge Inn and Suites is located just west of the Holiday Inn right next door. To get to the Staybridge from the Holiday Inn, walk out the front door of the lobby. When you exit the Holiday Inn, you are facing south. Take a quick right outside the door and walk west. The sidewalk leads you to a spot where you have to step down and cross an entrance. The sidewalk picks up and continues west on the other side of this crossing, but it is offset a little to the right/north of you when you are going to the Staybridge. So after taking a step or two to your right/north to locate the sidewalk again, continue walking west to arrive at the front door of the Staybridge. When you arrive at Stay Bridge, you will turn right or north to enter the hotel. As you enter the lobby of the Staybridge, you are facing north and the front desk is on your left. Past the front desk, if you turn east, you will find a hallway the contains restrooms, elevators and the meeting rooms. The first door on your right or south side of this hallway is a ladies’ room. Just east of the ladies room is a small hallway where the elevators are located. Continue east without turning in to the elevator bank and you will then find a men’s room which is also located on the right/south side of the hallway. Across from the men’s room is an ATM. After passing the men’s room and continuing east, you will hit carpet. You are now in the hallway that contains the meeting rooms at the Staybridge. Once you get to the carpeted area, the first two rooms on your left hand side/north side of the hallway are entrances to the Lake Hefner room. On the South side or right side of the hallway across from the Lake Hefner room is the Lake Overholser Room which has two entrances as well. Continuing east past the Lake Overholser Room, you will find the Lake Draper room on the south side of the hallway. If you continue east past the meeting rooms, there is a hallway that goes off to your left or north. This hallway contains the pool and the fitness center. The pool is at the far north end of this hallway, and the fitness center is on the left/west side of the hallway just before the hall ends at the entrance to the pool.

Staybridge Sleeping Floors

If you take the elevators up to the floors with the sleeping rooms at the Staybridge, you are facing east as you exit the elevators. If your room is between 23/36, keep walking east upon exiting the elevators to find the hallway which will take you to your room. If your room contains a number lower than 23 in its last two digits, then you need to make a left after exiting the elevators and then make a second quick left to walk back west to locate your room.

Miscellaneous info for Staybridge and Relieving Area

The front entrance to the Staybridge is on the south side of the lobby, so you are facing north as you enter the hotel. On the back side of the lobby is a little dining area, and past that dining area on the north side of the hotel are two exit doors that lead out to a patio area. There is plenty of grassy area on both sides of you once you exit these doors that can serve as a relieving area for dogs. Finally, both hotels have a “pantry” area near the front desk that has vending items such as drinks, candy bars, chips and more available for purchase at the front desk via cash, credit card or charging to your room.

Have fun, explore and know there will be lots of Federationists there to answer questions and encourage exploration! Happy Convention Everyone!!